About Me

Sneha Lele

I am a New Product Introduction (NPI) Test engineer with ADVA Optical Networking SE, in Atlanta, U.S.A. I am involved in design, development and deployment of end to end manufacturing test solutions for WDM telecom devices and optical EDFAs. I am a Ph.D. graduate from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at The University of Western Ontario, Canada. During Ph.D., I worked under the co-supervision of Dr. Robert Sobot and Dr. Tarlochan Sidhu in the area of control circuit design for industrial power relays. In the course of my doctorate studies I developed an expertise in the field of multidisciplinary knowledge in areas of power system applications and analog/digital circuit design, use of electrical laboratory equipment and simulation tools for PCB/IC design, circuit simulation and numerical modelling.

By training I am an electronics engineer and my research interest lies in microelectronics. My stint with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in Markham, Canada gave me an opportunity to work on the design of the DisplayPort AUX/I2C interface with a focus on circuit design, performance analysis and improvisation. My work experience with Siemens Ltd., got me interested in power systems. I worked with on-board power and traction converters used in trains in India during my two years with Siemens. With a valuable experience and an intrigue for application of integrated circuits in high power systems, I enrolled at UWO.

Besides engineering, I enjoy painting. I have been painting since high school and it still is the best stress buster for me. Some of my work along with the little writing I do rarely is complied here. I enjoy almost all forms of music, jazz, rock (progressive, alternative), classical being some of my favourites. Although most of my reading is related to my field, I particularly like reading non-fiction, mystery and scientific books. I am an amateur numismatist and take a lot of joy in organizing and upgrading my collection.